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International Consultation on Education and Literacy

As part of our current on-going consultation process with Educators and Administrators worldwide I would appreciate if you would take 5 or 10 minutes to fill in the following consultation questions. We are interested in your views on the field of education and this will assist us in determining what the current state of education is worldwide.


As part of this process please note the following.

  1. We do not ask for personal information on this consultation, the demographic questions are generalized, we do not require your name or any other personal information such as your full professional title or your phone number.

  2. Applied Learning Techniques International does not share your information with any other organization without your permission.

  3. No commercial profit or gain is made from this survey.

Thanks you for participating.

Lord Duncan McNair
Chairman, Applied Learning Techniques International Ltd.
Tel: +44 (0) 1342 313836
Fax: +44 (0) 1342 323435

Here are the consultation questions:

0. Your email address:

1. In your opinion, what is important in the field of education?

2. In your opinion, is education as effective now as it was when you first began in this field?

3. In your opinion, what difference can a good education make to a person’s life?

4. Tell us why you think this is important.

5. In your opinion what are the greatest barriers or problems to delivering a good education?

6. If these problems were solved, how would this affect you?

Demographics: (optional)

Are you an educator, an administrator, both or another position in your school/college/university/ If other state what:

What is your gender?

male    female

Are you married, single or divorced?

married    single    divorced

What academic titles do you have?

How many years have you been a professional educator?

What country are you resident in?

What is your religion?

Taking into account the standard and cost of living in your area, would you be considered to be higher, middle, or lower income?

higher    middle    lower

Where do you obtain information about local events? (name the media)

Where do you obtain information about world events? (name the media)

Where do you obtain information about teaching, education or learning? (name the media)

Thank your for filling in this consultation, NOW SIMPLY CLICK THE “SUBMIT” BUTTON



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