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The Mission.

When we returned to the UK we reviewed the Project and realized:

  1. That there is a great need worldwide for educators to know and apply these basic laws of learning, the barriers to effective teaching and learning, and how to overcome them.

  2. That the best way to make this widely known about and available was to create a secular, international NGO that was able to go to any country and train key educators to be able to train their colleagues in this Study Technology, and so assist Applied Scholastics International to achieve its humanitarian goal of providing the priceless gift of knowing how to learn and apply what is learned.

So ALTI was incorporated in the United Kingdom as a non-profit, special purpose vehicle with this mission:

  1. To assist Applied Scholastics International to enlighten educators and government officials on the social, economic and personal benefits of L. Ron Hubbard's Modern Methods of Teaching and Learning.

  2. To visit new countries where Study Technology is not widely known about, see how it would adapt to the existing educational infrastructure and the cultural, religious and social needs of an area or country, and advise Applied Scholastics International on the implementation of a stable, practical education system and infrastructure appropriate for local circumstances.

  3. To demonstrate the practical benefits of L. Ron Hubbard’s modern methods of teaching and learning by travelling to a country or region at the request of educators and officials and delivering introductory lectures, workshops and courses that bring immediate benefit to educators, students and the education system as a whole.

  4. To facilitate the provision of advanced training for educators at Applied Scholastics International in order to help establish a stable, results oriented education system with a working organizational infrastructure.

In co-ordination with Applied Scholastics International, ALTI provides a complete, modular solution for training in the fundamentals of learning whose effect is multiplied throughout education at all levels, including vocational training and the administration of the educational infrastructure.

We believe that building the capacity to deliver effective education in less well developed countries is the fundamental requirement of that country's education system, and also that this is not achieved unless the education and training translates into the ability of those being educated to DO. Unless this is achieved, the promise of development will not be realized and it is development that will fund and sustain the expansion in quantity and quality of primary education that is the Millennium Development Goal for primary education.

teacher at workALTI's focus is mainly on the tertiary sector of education. Improvements in the quality of university teaching are the key to development and expansion in all other sectors, not just in education but of all sectors of the economy. Improving the effectiveness of the tertiary sector is the engine that will drive development. Knowledge of one's subject is of course vital, but the ability to transfer that knowledge to students and to inspire them to use it for the good of the country is even more important. This is what you can achieve by using Study Technology.

ALTI welcomes enquiries from governments, learning institutions, academics, professionals and business people interested in improving literacy rates, retention of pupils, exam results, job efficiency and the ability to apply the knowledge learned, and to provide training for educators and support personnel to help them build capacity in the education system and increase the effectiveness of existing programs by developing skills in teaching how to learn and how to manage education systems.

Drawing on many decades of experience with Study Technology, Lord McNair and Alan Cook founded ALTI to create a vehicle to make Study Technology available in countries where it is not widely known about.



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