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Methods of Teaching and Learning

Barriers to Study

Study Technology is a method of teaching based on L. Ron Hubbard’s discovery of the Barriers to Study.

What are the three primary barriers to study?

student experiencing problemsThey are the factors that prevent people from learning and becoming educated and trained. Overcoming the barriers to study makes an important contribution to educating the individual and therefore the society, building capacity in the education system and other sectors, and in stimulating economic development.

Despite all that has been written on the subject of study, these three barriers were never previously isolated as having such importance in effective education.

We are not talking about attention deficit disorder, emotional problems, dyslexia or stupidity. A student who comes up against one of the Barriers to Study experiences certain emotional or physical reactions and can be trained to recognize these in themselves or in students they are instructing.

student experiencing problemsStudents fail to learn because no one has ever taught them how to learn, that is, how to identify the barriers to learning, and how to overcome them.

For communities and local and national governments, the social impact of illiteracy and the consequent effects of having a section of the population disadvantaged or unemployable are only too well known. Having part of a population dependent or destitute is also a waste of human resources when there is such a need for skilled people. People who need to be supported rather than contributing to the general economic wellbeing of society are a further drag on development.

Applied Learning Techniques International (ALTI) is an international, humanitarian, educational NGO that introduces Study Technology to diverse communities and institutions in countries where Study Technology is not widely available and trains senior educators and education ministry officials to increase educational effectiveness in their country. ALTI co-ordinates between Applied Scholastics International and the educational authorities in your area and arranges the planning and delivery of Study Technology programmes in response to local needs.

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