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Lord Duncan McNair

Lord Duncan McNairLord Duncan McNair (Lord McNair of Gleniffer), took his seat in the House of Lords in April 1990.

Lord McNair served a term of nine years in the House of Lords, where he took particular interest in issues of human rights, particularly freedom of religion, education, international development as well as natural health issues. Following his term of office Lord McNair formed a public affairs consultancy, with clients in the fields of manufacturing, financial services and humanitarian issues.

In 1994, in his capacity as a member of the All Party Group on race and community Lord McNair was invited to visit the Sudan, where he quickly realised that many of their social and humanitarian issues would respond to the Study Technology of L. Ron Hubbard. Lord McNair visited the Sudan on a number of occasions, over the next few years, where he discussed the possibility of making this technology available to the government of this country for social betterment and humanitarian purposes.

In 1996, Lord McNair also became involved in a learning how to learn project in Zimbabwe, based upon the Study Technology of L. Ron Hubbard, and visited this country in 1997. This sparked his interest in the use of this methodology of learning in social betterment and humanitarian issues on a world wide basis. He realised this modern method of education was the key to capacity building and social development all over the world.

In 1997 Lord McNair was appointed an International Advisory Board Member of Applied Scholastics International, an organisation responsible for supervising organisations and projects using L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology worldwide.

In 2003 Lord McNair and a team of specialists visited the Sudan and delivered training in L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology to 29 University lecturers. The senior educators who participated were enthusiastic about the results.

Lord McNair is now developing Applied Learning Techniques International (ALTI) as an organisation whose humanitarian objective is to improve social conditions through education. ALTI helps governments and educational organisations to improve educational services and methods of learning and teaching.

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Alan Cook

Alan Cook is the Operations Director for ALTI and has been involved with the Study Technology of L. Ron Hubbard for over thirty years.

As a young man, Alan saw at firsthand the gang violence, drugs and general degradation that were the product of an education system which denied many children the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

At the age of seventeen Alan first encountered L. Ron Hubbard's Study Technology and quickly realised that many of the problems he had witnessed were the result of an education lacking a workable technology of learning. He saw how people who had had real problems with study were able to solve those problems using Study Technology and move forward in their careers, and he decided to do whatever he could to help get Study Technology being used as widely as possible.

Alan is qualified and experienced as a Training Supervisor and Tutor in Study Technology. He also devotes time each week to charity work at a tutoring centre helping illiterate and semi-literate adults and children

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