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How to apply for a training project for your area or institution

We assist Applied Scholastics International by training teachers and university lecturers as Study Technology Instructors so they can train other teachers as Instructors who then train teachers to use Study Technology in their teaching, and also teach students to use Study Technology in their studies.

If you would like our help please think about how you could help us to help you. This is what we need for a training programme to happen:

  1. A group of teachers who want to train as Study Technology Instructors.

  2. An invitation from the appropriate government or academic authorities in your area or institution.

  3. Funding! After you contact us and we know the size and scope of the programme we will prepare a preliminary budget and work with you on funding the training programme.

So this is what you need to do:

  1. Fill in the enquiry form with all the requested invitation and we'll contact you within 24 hours to find out about your situation and how we can help.

  2. We'll need to know about your area or institution. For example, how many teachers do you want us to train as Study Technology Instructors? If you want a programme for a university, how many lecturers, how many students and what faculties do you have?

    When we receive your contact details we will send you a questionnaire about your area or university. This initial research will form the basis of an outline proposal and will be followed by a visit from senior ALTI consultants to see the situation for themselves, meet you face to face, agree exactly what and how we are going to deliver, sign agreements and organise funding.

    We want you to understand that we are not seeking to create a relationship where we persuade you that you need us to deliver endless programmes of increasing complexity! Our watchwords are capacity building, technology transfer (in this case Study Technology), and empowerment.

  3. How the programme works:

    Our program is a three step programme that empowers teachers to deliver the best education possible to their students and builds capacity in the education system. We train your people as Training Instructors who train colleagues as Study Technology Instructors. This vital role in the education system will operate in parallel with regular teaching duties. The increase in effectiveness will more than pay back the investment in this training programme. Please refer to the testimonial section for further details. You will see the kind of results we deliver.

    The three step programme builds capacity at maximum speed and minimum cost. Responsibility for implementing Study Technology is rapidly transferred to local educators but with back up from the international training team and Applied Scholastics International at any time in the future.

    Further training on more advanced courses is available for your key educators and senior officials at the headquarters of Applied Scholastics International in St Louis in the United States. This can also include training in the management of education services.

    But particularly, NO PROJECT WILL OCCUR WITHOUT FINANCE, so please think about how your programme is going to be funded. Corporate sponsorship is one method of funding. Or it may be that UNICEF or UNDP are holding funds earmarked for education in your country. The faster we can jointly raise the funds for your Study Technology programme sooner we can make the preliminary visit and the sooner we can start training your people. We can brief potential corporate or NGO sponsors and there are many ways of raising smaller amounts. Donations can be made by credit or debit card via this web site, or cheques and money orders can be sent to the address below, payable to "Applied Learning Techniques International". We will open a file for your project and work with you to make it happen.



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