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Study Technology Testimonials

Study Technology Programme Sudan January 2003

Council for International Peoples Friendship

Study Tech course roomFirst of all, I would like to thank Applied Scholastics International represented in Lord Duncan McNair and all supervisors with him for giving us this rich and great chance to learn Study Technology.

Students on study tech courseSecondly, I would like to say that, I first of all thought that this study is how to teach others, if they are students, English Language then after the first day I realised that it’s the method of teaching students how to learn. At the moment I haven’t any students to teach but when I finished my course I discovered that this course is to learn how to survive and learn and this makes life easier.

Students on study tech course in SudanSo I think the main thing which I gained from this course how I can choose my life in the way which I like, because the thing that is absent is that we have the ability to choose what we want, just with a simple recognition that we can study any subject. Lecturer with students

I think this course is full enough with means, data and information which before I was not aware of, but now I have ability to see the smallest and simplest point blocking my way and I am completely ready to complete any course using this Tech (Technology). And finally I would like to thank the excellent supervisors who dealt with us with patience.


Faculty of Education University of Khartoum

In spite of the fact that I’m in the field of education, I have a deep feeling I need to know and to learn more and more about how to teach and how to cure the different barriers to learning that may happen to my students.

Fortunately, this course which has given us a chance, which I hope may now be repeated, helped me to increase my awareness in the field of education and explained some phenomena that have happened to me before in my study and my work life, and I hope to put what I have already learned into action.

Thank you very much


Sudan Academy for Administrative Sciences, Khartoum

Learning and studying are continuous processes. Mankind has to keep himself in close contact with the field of learning and studying in order to acquire new ideas, new techniques, new skills, knowledge and finally know how to change his attitude.

In these days everyone is aware of this fact, but very few are lucky to have this golden chance. I am one of those very lucky ones.

I attended this course with the assumption I knew a lot of English. But from the first day I came to know that I only know very little English and very little, if any, Study Technology.

The wonderful thing is that, during this course I came to know a lot compared to what I actually knew before. Many more words, much looking up words in the dictionary, clearing words, new techniques of learning that avoid pitfalls ahead, as well as remedies for lack of mass, and also pictures, movies, demonstrations, clay demos, sketching and demo kits. Each of these methods is an art in itself.

The valuable asset I have attained from this course is the courage, the confidence I have developed in myself, which remains as a factor helping me to push forward and succeed in my endeavour.

I am certain and I am confident that my performance after this course will be better and more positive than before.


University of Juba

One of the outstanding things I have learned from the course so far is the relationship between the student's grudges against the teachers and the institution of learning, and his eventual departure; a misunderstood words leads to a “blackout” – blankness of the memory – and this leads the student to self-isolation (morally) from both the teachers, the subject taught by a teacher, the teacher and the institution. He eventually creates a justification, develops dislike for all the three and this leads to the loss of interest in the subject and, of course a failure in the exams, or to departure even before the exams.

Almost all students who leave school before the end of their course have justification for their departure and ill feelings against some teachers or a teacher. No student will admit he has been dull.


University of Juba

The issue is misunderstood words. When I faced a word that I did not understand I just passed it over. This was the main cause of my suffering when I was student. As I carried on with this course I compared my procedure with the new procedure of word clearing. I found the technique of word clearing is far better than my previous one. My old style would lead to misunderstanding of a text.

The false data in my life: I heard much verbal data when I made discussion with friends. They may prove my data is wrong. So I must test every data I obtain to its source to make sure it is reliable. These two are the very, very great wins I obtained from this course.


Ahfad University for Women

  1. I am now a different person than I was three days ago. I feel bright and have great confidence in myself. I also feel more energetic; I feel that I can read any book, study any article and, most important, UNDERSTAND any piece of work.

  2. Knowledge is not limited to so-called bright people, there is no such thing. Anybody can be bright if one adopts and uses the Study Technology, then one becomes effective.

  3. Today, because I know how to know as a teacher, no one can cheat me. I am now able to test knowingness by doingness. I now demand practical application to theory because theory alone does not satisfy me. I need DEMONSTRATION.

  4. I now have 3 keys to success
    a) not every bright 'A' student is a LEARNER.
    b) Dull students are not hopeless; in fact they could be Super-students if they were taught HOW TO LEARN.
    c) Clearing words & doing demonstration opens the gate to study & education.

  5. I would like to finally thank each and every one of the trainers for their great help and marvellous participation and demonstrations. We learned from the books and materials provided but most of all we learned from you because you were models yourselves.

Thanks a lot.


Sudan Academy for Administrative Sciences, Khartoum

This course explained to me why I would very often study something, work on it for long hours and forget all about it the minute I finish with it. Many subjects I studied in school, did very well in and actually got high marks but at this moment all is evaporated. This course taught me that the misunderstood word lies at the heart of it. As I go back I realise that as I was reading I never paid attention to words I misunderstood.

I also discovered that some students’ hostility or indifference towards a certain subject or towards their institution is because they are frustrated because they did not understand a word.

This course made me revise my attitude both as a learner and as a teacher, and I hope I shall be able to perform better both as a teacher to others and as a learner myself.


Sudan Academy for Administrative Sciences, Khartoum

I think that what I have learnt during the last couple of days in the Study Tech Programme is not only unique but also of paramount importance to the development and promotion of my career, my family, my institution and my country as a whole.


Juba University

Broadly speaking the course successfully achieved its end goal. Then I could say without falter that I have benefited a lot, and so have my colleagues. But the big question will still remain, and that is: To what extent will this organisation proceed further rendering such valuable courses?

To me it has become now a necessity that our institutions have to have such courses yearly without fail.


Ahfad University for Women

When I was writing my Ph.D Thesis I used a questionnaire as a method of data collection. I did not have enough knowledge about statistics and have never studied it, I am not even good in mathematics. At first I tried to ask some people who teach Math and Statistics, friends and colleagues who used this method, but I got nowhere. They only provided comments on my work, which I did not really understand. Some offered to analyse the data in the computer and give me the results, but again I will not be able to write a discussion for these results.

So, I decided to study statistics, I brought books, computer programmes and manuals. I spent a whole year studying them on my own. Then I went through the questionnaire collecting data, classifying it and then analysing it. This way I had hold of senior data and used it to get the best results.


Gezira University

  1. Knowledge of study barriers and how to solve each barrier

  2. Coaching weak students and how to check out points of success in order to make progress.

  3. How to demonstrate in order to make a link between ideas and deeds practically (doingness)

  4. What are the effective points to be considered when planning a lesson.

  5. I learned how to learn and how to help my students learn.


University of Gezira

The course made me aware about matters concerning Study Technology that benefit me very much, like barriers to study and the misunderstood word. I am very satisfied about that. Thank you all supervisors.


Ahfad University for Women

I used to be happy always about my performance as an educator. That comes from the comments of my students. I think my students will be much brighter as I instruct them on the Study Technology. I myself discovered how many words I misunderstood. I hope it is not too late to teach the right way from now on.


Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

When I heard about that term Study Technology the first time I met Lord McNair I got interested. But it wasn’t clear to me whether I would really benefit from such a course, taking into consideration the time I would lose at the expense of my work and administrative responsibilities.

But now I can really state that I do not regret it. It really worth this time spent, perhaps more. Although I have been trained as a teacher and had a long experience in teaching at the General School and the university levels and training teachers and university staff members, I really feel I have got something new which would help me, studying myself, developing my skills in teaching. Moreover, it is a human methodology needed for any situation anywhere, but especially here in the Sudan.


Afhad University for Women

The course was useful for me and I gained a lot from it because it helped me to understand and interpret different behaviours that I had in the past, but did not know from where they came, but after I came to know the difficulties that the student can face if she/he goes past a misunderstood word, I found the reason for those behaviours.

Second thing is, I learned a proper way to clear a word, because in the past I would just try to find the meaning of that word without putting it in sentences and this explains why I used to forget its meaning after a while. But I know I got the right way to clear the word which will help me to remember the meanings in the future.


Sudan Academy for Administrative Sciences, Khartoum

  1. I feel greatly indebted to the group of scholars. They are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and invaluable.

  2. The course is very interesting and quite important. It drew my attention to many misunderstoods in life, now I know how to clear those.

  3. I think the course should be compulsory for every teacher and every parent. Hence all misunderstoods will be eradicated from our world.


University of Khartoum

I’m very happy and I am feeling that this is the first time or I could say the first step of knowing the right way to learn.

Only now do I know well that I did not know anything before about How To Learn and the big mystery of how to study. We misunderstood the subject of study and we taught the subjects to our students in the wrong way because we started off wrong, and continued going wrong.

So I hope from the time of finishing this course to try to continue to follow the Study Tech procedure because of the benefits to myself and my life and my students.

At the end of this I thank very much the staff who taught us how to start right, to go right, to finish right.

With best wishes.


Khartoum University

If I have any wins it would be a fresh awareness of the value and also the trickiness of words. I have always maintained (and told students of English) that unless a word is fully known in all its senses, through wide reading, one has no right to think it “understood”. Superficial, partial understanding of a word's meaning isn’t enough.

On fresh reading there should be fresh consulting of a dictionary. What this work had taught me was that I myself was in dire need to look up hundreds of words I once deemed fully “understood”. It has planted in me a “suspicion complex” of words and meaning that I will try my best to impart to my students.


Juba University

Really I gained so many skills and I feel my professional skills have been furthered by attending this course. So many examples can be given, but in summary I think my way of study and of teaching is affected dramatically after this course.


Sudan Academy for Administrative Sciences, Khartoum

This course helped me to know why we study and what are the major barriers to study.

Understanding words through the process of word clearing. The two phenomena of misunderstood words. How to use the dictionary and the recommended dictionaries. The using of demonstration in teaching and learning is of vital importance and very interesting. The different methods of word clearing are important and interesting too.

To conclude, the course of Study Technology is a great course as far as the course objectives, design, materials, contents, duration, time, place, participation are concerned.


University of Juba

Without much ado, when I started this course I found a lot of good things. These are things I used to put to one side, but they turned to be an essential part of any successful doingness. The area of how to clear misunderstood words has been well illustrated and the method well designed and made simple. To me, every step I learned was a big win. It is terrific to come across skillful educators who, I hope, will enrich our knowledge and improve our educational perception and, above all, our 'blankness'. Right from Day One I found myself moving up the stream with all determination enjoying each and every part of the course.


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